• Tuesday , 9 February 2016

Crabtree Apologizes to Sherman for Late Game Erection

shermanerec2SAN FRANCISCO– 49er’s Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree sent a somber apology to Richard Sherman this morning for his inappropriate behavior during Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks.

Crabtree told a group from the press that he is sorry for getting an erection during the last 60 seconds of the game.  Crabtree claims he was unexpectedly “turned on” by Sherman’s fourth quarter dominance.

Crabtree said that it became more difficult to conceal his excitement when Sherman patted him on the rear side after the devastating Kaepernick interception.

“When Richard pointed at my erection I got really embarrassed, and I got frustrated, so I shoved him. I have never had a feeling like that for another corner back, and I wasn’t able to deal with it professionally”, Crabtree explained. “Im sorry to the fans of the Seahawks, and to my supporters for my mediocre playing”, he continued.

Sherman has described a similar situation that took place last summer during a charity event in Arizona.  “Dude has feelings for me, I can’t help it! He wants the best, he got the best!” Sherman told KR reporters.



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