• Monday , 8 February 2016

From Felons to Fashionistas: Kitsap Parolee’s New Ankle Bracelets

bedazzledPORT ORCHARD–Kitsap County Correctional Facility is facing massive backlash over their recent changes to improve the morale of offenders on probation.

Many people on probation are not happy with the shame associated with wearing an ankle monitor. With spring and summer just around the corner, Parolees and others that have been ordered to wear the electronic monitoring device are saying it is inhumane to force them to wear the monitors in shorts weather.

“This exposes us to public ridicule,” says Martin Lisdell a felon from Seabeck, WA.

In order to appease the monitored parolees, Kitsap County Sheriff’s office has decided to bedazzle the electronic monitoring devices.

They will have 4 different styles to choose from, camouflage, blinged out, leopard print, or lighted. Local designer Lara Mansfield has been chosen to perform the duties of transforming the bracelets.

3 area Probation Officers were laid off in order to free up funding for this new venture. Darren Radcliffe, Spokesman for the sheriff’s department stated “if we start showing these repeat offenders respect then maybe they will start rewarding us with good behavior, instead of stealing from and assaulting us.”

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  1. Bryan Anderson
    March 12, 2014 at 11:55 am - Reply

    Why not rehire the 3 Probation Officers and just keep these offenders in jail, as they were sentenced??? Probation is for people willing to abide by rules/restrictions on their lives, in return for NOT being in jail/prison. Their “morale” should be “improved”, as they are no longer behind bars and locked doors, even though they wear something as an “ugly” reminder to them that they “offended” and have not yet finished paying for that offense. I also would like to have a visual ability to see that they guy asking my daughter for a date is actually on parole.

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